What Is The Difference Between Blogs and Landing PagesWhat Is The Difference Between Blogs And Landing Pages?

The Similarities Behind Blogs And Landing Pages

Both blogs and landing pages are written content that you write for your website. The difference between blogs and landing pages are, a landing page is more discussing a product or service you provide. If it’s photography for example, if you’re in that industry, you might write a landing page for real estate photographer or law firm photographer, event photographer, convention photographer.

A blog is meant to be more interesting in general than a landing page. Don’t get me wrong, you want both to be interesting. With landing pages, generally my main focus is SEO, ranking for the keyword phrase that we are targeting.

Blogs vs Landing Pages Example Of Landing PageWhat Is A Landing Page?

Generally, with landing pages, since you are writing on a specific topic but you are not writing about a current trend, it’s more basic information about your product or service. I generally make those at least 1,200 words, because I want them to rank well on Google for the product or service.

Basically, the keyword phrase I’m targeting. Landing pages I want it to be at least 1,200 words. I want to break up especially with landing pages, I want to break up the content for photos, videos. Nobody wants to get to a page and see a wall of text.

What Is A Blog?

Blogs are similar but blogs are written mainly for your audience. Blogs by our Chicago Blogging Company are meant to be more interesting and specifically catered toward the audience you are trying to reach. Blogs I’ll tend to have a little bit shorter, maybe 850 words and while I still want to optimize both blogs and landing pages for SEO, SEO is my main focus on a landing page whereas blogs the user experience reading the blog, making it more interesting is my main focus over the SEO. With both of them I still choose keyword phrases I want to target.

I still optimize both blogs and landing pages for SEO and you really want to mix both. Just because you visited a site and it looks like it has 5 pages in the main menu that doesn’t mean a site only has 5 pages.

Write Content That Ranks

You can write hundreds of pages for a website but you don’t want to junk up the main menu a lot of times. The goal is to write content that ranks, get that content to rank preferably on page one and get people to your website. Regardless if the difference between blogs and landing pages, you still want your content to rank. 

For instance, a lot of people might google best professional photographer in Chicago, but it would look really silly to have a main menu item that says best professional photographer in Chicago.

You can have a hidden landing page which basically you write it and its ranking for those terms but it’s not on the main menu for your website. Again, you want a mixture of both. Blogs you definitely you want to, because that keeps people interested in your brand, you are writing about really interesting topics.

When you are writing blogs, you want to use titles like 5 best ways to do this, ten things to avoid when you are doing X Y & Z. You want to use titles so that people will think it’s a pretty quick read and you want it to be a quick read.

People get to your blog you write, like a 1500-word deal and people are going to get used to that and not want to click through to your blog if they know it’s going to take them 10 minutes to read.

When Should You Upload Your Blogs and Landing Pages?

Hopefully this highlighted some of the differences and similarities between blogs and landing pages. Make sure you’re producing as much as you can, at least one of each a week. I try at least one a day of each bust just publish content as frequently as you can both for user interest and SEO.  To learn more, please give us a call at 312-626-7445 or you may Contact Us Here!