• With over 1.5 billion active monthly users, YouTube’s platform provides a great way to reach hundreds to millions of people that can have the potential of transforming into possible customers.
  • Compared to other social media networks, YouTube’s users generally spend the most time on their platform. This is advantageous for businesses attempting to boost more attention to their ads.
  • YouTube offers many opportunities for viral marketing messages, from sharing videos across all social media to easily embedding them on company sites.


  • Analyze current company YouTube channel
  • Optimize YouTube profile, boosting SEO and online brand presence
  • Research competitor content analysis and YouTube profiles to identify and implement successful practices
  • Clarify brand objectives
  • Create quality content that lines up with business values and goals with the help of our Chicago YouTube Marketing Company
  • Set up a flexible content post schedule or calendar to ensure you are posting to your YouTube page on a daily basis

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Why Hire a Chicago YouTube Marketing Company to Promote Your Business?

In today’s digital climate, achieving an online presence is essential for all businesses to succeed. Digital Marketers Chicago is a leading Chicago YouTube Marketing Company. Nowadays, everyone seems to be much more interested in watching entertaining videos instead of taking the time to read lengthy articles or write-ups.

YouTube, while already widely-established as a popular social media platform, actively continues to grow, now becoming more prevalent in the corporate world than ever before. We at Digital Marketers Chicago provide exclusive YouTube promotional services for business both large and small and individuals looking to promote a product or service.

Having worked prior as the digital marketer for a Chicago photography and videography company, Digital Marketers Chicago has years of experience with both video production and video advertising. Our Chicago YouTube marketing company are experts at creating a wide range of videos relevant to your business’s objectives.


Below are just some of the videos our Chicago YouTube Marketing Company can produce:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Explainer and tutorial videos
  • Thought leader interviews
  • Project reviews
  • Case studies
  • Video blogs
  • Event videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Training videos
  • Presentation videos

Digital Marketers Chicago – Best Chicago YouTube Marketing Company

Other than being experts at video production, our Chicago YouTube marketing company are experts at video marketing. All of the videos our Chicago YouTube marketing company creates for your YouTube video campaigns come fully optimized as per search engine requirements.

Our Chicago YouTube marketing company SEO specialists optimize videos using keyword phrases, meta tags, video descriptions, and video titles and subtitles. Our YouTube marketing company’s unparalleled SEO strategies will substantially boost your brand’s website traffic by ranking your company higher up in YouTube and Google’s search results, reaching a larger, more targeted group of people.

Digital Marketers Chicago doesn’t simply create videos and hope people come across it. Rather, we produce a strategic digital marketing campaign that connects to potential customers and targeted audiences. With powerful video marketing and advertising, your message will reach the right people at the right places and right times.

While a video of a fat cat falling over is entertaining, it won’t help grow your business. Our Chicago YouTube marketing company uses strategic approaches to produce relevant, meaningful content for your brand to increase the number of your video’s and channel’s viewers.

With such an engaging platform like YouTube, targeted potential buyers could be searching for information and content like yours. Our marketing experts leverage social media avenues to increase your video views and ultimately, brand awareness online.

Full-Service Chicago YouTube Marketing Company

Digital Marketers Chicago is a full-service Chicago YouTube marketing company that takes your business through all aspects of video marketing, from concept and creation to campaign strategy and video optimization. With years of experience in industries such as advertising, e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, small businesses, law firms, and much more, chances are we understand the complexity and standards of your field.

Our experts at our Chicago YouTube marketing company provide a variety of services to promote your optimized videos on all social networks, your company website, blogs, and any other potential relevant sites.

Some of the YouTube marketing services our Chicago YouTube marketing company provides are:

  • YouTube Business Account Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization Best Practices for YouTube channel
  • High-Quality Video Production
  • Effective YouTube Video Optimization
  • Social and Digital Marketing Practices
  • Targeted YouTube Marketing Plan Creation
  • YouTube Analytics Reporting
  • YouTube Advertising Strategies

Professional Chicago YouTube Marketing Company – Process

How does our experienced Chicago YouTube Marketing Company start your YouTube promotion services? Ultimately, we begin by analyzing your current company YouTube channel, if applicable. Otherwise, we begin our process by creating a customized business account YouTube channel for your company. We are the only YouTube marketing company in Chicago that can instantly grasp your industry standards, as well as video production and promotion requirements, creating a customized channel that markets your product or service while providing entertaining content.

Next, we conduct YouTube video and audience targeting practices to discover who is looking for what, and then place your business at the center, creating both a relevant and entertaining YouTube marketing campaign strategy for your channel’s content. Digital Marketers Chicago makes sure to optimize each video, including strong and competitive keyword phrases and titles.

Further, we implement our incomparable SEO approaches to the established YouTube campaign, helping you leverage any competitive advantages you might have in the field while developing the right combination of digital support to help your brand succeed.

To further drive traffic to your site, our Chicago YouTube Marketing Company will embed a customized YouTube button that, when clicked, links directly to your company’s channel or leads users to the actual video on YouTube.

While managing your campaign, our YouTube marketing company continuously promotes your videos to engage viewers and users. We share YouTube videos produced for your campaign on all active social media networks to further promote your business.

As Chicago’s Premier YouTube Marketing Company, we ultimately discover your target audience and then deliver your brand’s message directly to them. We serve our clients with affordable campaign strategies and effective, optimized videos that will directly speak to your audience while encouraging them to become more engaged with your brand.

As such a powerful marketing tool, it’s important to understand how to use YouTube to your advantage. That being said, here are 5 Expert YouTube Video Marketing Tips from an established Chicago YouTube Marketing Company:

1. Optimize your YouTube Channel’s Page

Even though many users will most likely discover your video content before anything else, many will take the opportunity to also look at your YouTube channel’s page. It’s vital to take advantage of this opportunity to drive traffic to your other online equities. Providing key details about your brand in the About section of your channel description will help you optimize channel page views. Be sure to include all relevant links to your other social media networks and company website.


2. Link your Website URL to Each Video

Putting your company’s website in the description of each video you post will significantly help boost exposure and gives you another opportunity for a call-to-action. Including a link to your website also directly helps both Google’s algorithm and potential customers find you easier.

3. Cross-Promote Content Across All Media Platforms

Other than just linking your website to your videos, publishing your content across all of your company’s social media channels just as essential to increase visibility. Sharing your videos on social media platforms is a useful and effective way to reach your specific audience and engage with viewers. Be sure to also market your YouTube channel and videos on your blog and website so people will be able to find you more easily. Embedding relevant videos into blog posts will help market your YouTube profile while also drive more traffic to your website. Finally, be sure to share your videos with relevant email lists. Sending a video newsletter or press release containing important and interesting information is a valuable way to keep customers and clients engaged.

4. Create and Regularly Produce Content

Routinely updating your YouTube channel with engaging, meaningful video content will keep your viewers interested and help you maintain a regular audience. There is no one specific formula when it comes to how often you should post; each brand is different and requires a different amount, depending on your company’s audience and goals. One way to actively engage viewers is to create an interesting weekly vlog post, or produce weekly videos about one specific topic, posting shorter versions of a long video, keeping users coming back each week for more.

5. Maintain Brand Recognition

It’s important to establish a brand personality for your videos that transfer across each one. Whether this means ending each video with a unique catchphrase or simply including your company logo in the corner, it’s necessary to give people a way to recognize that this video is yours. When possible, use brand fonts and colors, while giving a call to action telling viewers what you want them to do; go to your website, call you, buy your product, etc. Selling your brand is just as important as selling your product or service.

Getting recognized among YouTube’s billion videos can be quite a challenge. However, following these tips, along with hiring the best Chicago YouTube Marketing Company — Digital Marketers Chicago — will gain you the attention necessary to drive customer acquisition through YouTube’s powerful marketing platform, getting people to not only click on your videos, but lead to your website and ultimately, become customers.

Contact Digital Marketers Chicago today to speak with one of our accomplished YouTube marketers about how you can increase your brand’s presence on the media platform.

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