• Twitter marketing campaigns allow you to share information and unique content
  • Twitter can increase engagement for company events & activities with the assistance of our Chicago Twitter marketing company.
  • Twitter allows you to connect and collaborate with customers and potential customers
  • Marketing with Twitter will increase your brand recognition and interact with your customers on their preferred social media platform


  • Analyze current Twitter marketing program and strategy
  • Analyze competitors current Twitter strategies to gain insights
  • Utilize content such as questions, intuitive comments, and insightful replies to others to help build your Twitter following and subscriber base
  • Create a Twitter content calendar and schedule
  • Explore Twitter video options for a larger effect

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What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing is marketing geared towards an audience that use the Twitter platform, which has over 300 million monthly users. Twitter can be a useful and powerful tool to connect and engage with your audience and create a loyal following. Our Chicago Twitter marketing company will help you understand how to utilize Twitter to the best of your abilities.

Twitter is mainly about connecting with people and active participation and communication is what sets it apart from some of the other social media platforms out there. To be most valuable, Twitter should be used for much more than simply “trying to sell” or making all your Tweets about your company’s product or service. Twitter marketing strategies created by a Twitter marketing company in Chicago like ours will help you tap into a market with millions of subscribers and set you apart from your competition. Use a professional Chicago Twitter marketing company for your next campaign!


How Will Twitter Marketing Help My Business?

There are multiple ways and strategies to create and maintain a successful company Twitter account. Always publish content with your customer in mind and what they will find interesting; remember, social media should not be all about promoting your brand and trying to sell 100% of the time!

Below are goals you’ll want to keep in mind when marketing and publishing content on Twitter:

  • Try to not only build a following of just anyone, but an engaged group of followers that are interested in your industry and brand
  • Always keep an eye on your account metrics, and make sure everything you post is consistent with your brand’s message and identity
  • Whether you are using Twitter or multiple other social media platforms, ensure you reply to customer questions and comments quickly, especially if it is a complaint
  • Track and monitor how much traffic is being directed to your company website through each social media medium
  • Network, network, network!  Add value to your subscriber base.
  • Make sure you offer promotions and provide unique, value adding content on a regular basis.
  • Be consistent with how often you post, whether that is once per day, once per week or once per month.  Don’t put out a bunch of content one day or one week and then not publish anything for considerable time.  Consistency is key!

A Twitter marketing campaign created and monitored by a Chicago Twitter marketing company like Digital Marketers Chicago will add value to your company’s brand identity and will help attract a loyal following to your business.

Chicago Twitter Marketing Company – How to Create a Winning Twitter Campaign

There are many things to keep in mind when setting up and actively using your Twitter account.  Whether you are using Twitter marketing yourself or you have a Chicago professional Twitter marketing company such as Digital Marketers Chicago set it up, here are some good tips to keep in mind when setting up your Twitter marketing strategy:

  • Create a content calendar and include Twitter posts so your content is planned and deliberate, and so you won’t miss a post!
  • Remember that your Tweets should be conversational – tweet questions, responses to others, links and value-adding content that your subscriber base will enjoy reading
  • Try to include video on Twitter as much as possible – video is growing fast and is enormously popular among all social media platforms
  • Set measurable objectives and track them each month.

Chicago Twitter Marketing Company Services – Digital Marketers Chicago

Digital Marketers Chicago is a Twitter marketing company in Chicago that can help with your Twitter marketing strategy and build a recipe for success!  We will incorporate Twitter into your company’s existing marketing program to create a valuable social media platform for you to engage your target audience.  Our Chicago Twitter marketing agency can help you with the following tasks to establish a unique and powerful presence on Twitter:

  • Twitter account set up and brand development
  • User engagement with unique and interesting posts
  • Responsiveness to your customer inquiries and feedback
  • Twitter account management – posting regular scheduled content and replying to tweets
  • Develop polls, promotions and deals with current subscriber base to attract new Twitter followers
  • Provide Twitter data and analytics monitoring

Twitter marketing by the best Chicago Twitter marketing company will create a positive image for your company and brand, will attract new subscribers and prospective customers, and will increase communication and drive more traffic to your website.


Digital Marketers Chicago – Professional Twitter Marketing Agency

The Twitter marketing experts at Digital Marketers Chicago are excited to help you with your next Twitter project!  Before you overlook Twitter as a social media platform that can really help generate results, traffic and new business for your company, consider the following:

  • Over 300,000 tweets are sent every minute of the day
  • Twitter has over 300 million monthly active subscribers, almost the same as the entire population of the United States!
  • One day’s worth of Twitter postings would fill a book that’s over 10 million pages
  • There are over 60 million Twitter users in the United States – that’s approximately 20% of the U.S. population using Twitter!

Digital Marketers Chicago creates and manages successful Twitter marketing campaigns.  Our Chicago Twitter marketing company also handles a variety of other social media platforms to generate more traffic which in turn will generate more revenue that will add to your bottom line.

Professional Chicago Twitter Marketing Company – Don’t Miss The Boat!

Our Chicago Twitter marketing company are experts at what they do, such as the ones at Digital Marketers Chicago will save you significant time in creating a social media campaign that works for your business. We have successfully grown numerous companies through the use of Twitter marketing, social media marketing, and SEO services for our clients. If you want to market on Twitter to increase your audience and you want it done right, call the Twitter marketers at Digital Marketers Chicago!

Do you have questions about marketing on Twitter from a professional Twitter marketing agency in Chicago? We’re here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.

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