• In today’s digital age, social media is everywhere. As of January 2018, 69% of U.S. adults use at least one social media site, proving that these platforms offer a large potential reach
  • Social Media Marketing campaigns effectively run by a social media management agency boost customer engagement
  • Every blog post, image, video or comment you share on a social media platform is another opportunity for users to engage and react to your brand, which might result in a new client or loyal consumer


  • Analyze your brand’s current social media marketing program and strategies
  • Perform a competitive analysis of the industry
  • Determine competitors’ approaches to content and social media strategies
  • Research consumer demographics and target audience
  • Define your brand’s overall objectives
  • Set an experienced social media manager to work with and for your company
  • Schedule social media content specific to your brand’s values

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What is Social Media Management? What does a Social Media Manager do?

Simply put, social media management by a professional social media management company is the process of monitoring and managing your company’s conversations and content across social media networks. Many people often believe that a social media manager merely posts content to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, as our digital society continues to grow and new social channels begin to develop, social media management goes way beyond that — especially if you’re looking for real results. Social Media Managers at our Social Media Management Company are highly experienced.


A Professional Social Media Management Company Is Well-Equipped To:

  1. Work with your company to set measurable goals
  2. Build a social media strategy that achieves these goals, such as increased website traffic, increased sales revenue or increased brand awareness
  3. Manage content by creating a regular publishing schedule of your company’s posts
  4. Respond to followers’ comments and messages within a reasonable time frame
  5. Promote content by running highly-targeted advertisements across social media platforms to obtain a higher reach and generate leads
  6. Create an editorial calendar to plan timely marketing campaigns fitting to your brand’s voice
  7. Stay up-to-date with any advancements or updates to social media platforms
  8. Deliver a report to check if the social media marketing strategy is on track and determine ways to improve moving forward

Why Should You Hire a Social Media Management Company?

The prevalence of social media has forever changed business marketing to consumers. Whether you are a small business owner or large retailer, your customers are present on social media. If you don’t communicate first hand with consumers here, your competitors will. That being said, at Digital Marketers Chicago, our social media managers understand that it’s not always easy routinely posting and maintaining your brand’s social media presence—especially with the wide variety of social platforms in today’s society. When you have more important day-to-day tasks to tend to, it can be rather frustrating to spend so much time trying to establish your company on so many social networks.

Other than receiving more free time to manage your business, here are some of the benefits you get when you hire a professional social media management company to administer your company’s social media accounts:

1. Successfully Communicate With Consumers

Having a Chicago social media manager is advantageous to your company because they are fully equipped with the knowledge of marketing strategies, social media, its tech-savvy users, and how to advantageously promote your brand to these users. It won’t hurt to have someone promote your company while understanding Google Analytics and how to track your social media campaigns’ ROI.


2. Increase Customer Engagement

Your business’s reputation lies in how it is perceived by the public. Consistently posting relevant and targeted content is key to receiving praise from consumers about your brand. Social Media Networks have a lot of information about their users. As a result, their advertising platforms allow for in-depth audience targeting. Our advanced social media management company knows just how to decipher this information and how to tailor your brand’s message to fit customer needs.

3. Get Extra Free Time

As stated above, it’s often rare that someone is able to successfully run a business while publishing multiple posts a day or week for their brand. That’s one place Digital Marketers Chicago comes in handy. Our social media management company posts many times a day on your social media networks to establish your brand and maintain your company in the minds of consumers.

4. Build Brand Recognition

Regularly administering content to a social media platform will help your company build a community of followers. Building this active following increases audience exposure to content that gives them another reason to click to your website and go purchase your products or services. Our advanced social media management company has the skills to both develop and maintain your company’s online presence. Digital Marketers Chicago connects target consumers by engaging with followers and building an active community online through relevant content posts.

5. Increase Sales Revenue and ROI

After building a loyal following for your brand, our social media managers work diligently to convert viewers into customers. By adding calls to action in posts, determining audience demographics and needs, and managing customer care, our social media management company ensures your potential clients have an accessible route to purchase your business’s products or services. Increasing exposure to potential consumers leads to increased sales.

6. See Measurable Results

Having someone who understands how to perform effective SEO and SEM strategies, while knowing how to track your social media marketing campaigns’ ROI through metrics and analytics reports is very beneficial to your company. Whether it’s insights from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, our social media management company knows just how to track your company’s performance within each social network. To determine your brand’s ROI, we measure your brand’s audience growth, engagement, content reach, leads, response rate, content quality and feedback. Then, after identifying our social media marketing strategy’s success rate for your brand, we tie results back to originally stated objectives and work to use this data to come up with improvements for your social media campaign.

Digital Marketers Chicago – Best Chicago Social Media Management Company!

Digital Marketers Chicago is the leading Social Media Management Company. By working with our experienced social media managers to boost your brand’s online presence, you gain the upper hand in your industry by establishing your company as a top competitor in the field.

Successful social media management is a very effective method to increase overall engagement with your brand. As Chicago’s best Social Media Management Company, we make sure to consistently interact with the community and followers so that your brand is prevalent online and in potential customers’ minds. Hiring a highly-experienced Social Media Management Company like Digital Marketers Chicago will grow your brand’s online visibility, promote customer loyalty, and increase website traffic, leading to new leads and potential customers.

Professional Chicago Social Media Managers

Digital Marketers Chicago’s specialized social media managers all have the necessary skills to establish your company’s social visibility. They specialize in either marketing or communications and no matter what, look for social media promotion opportunities everywhere they turn. Our social media managers maintain a working knowledge of all things marketing, from SEO tools to marketing campaigns, Google Adwords and Analytics, WordPress, Facebook Ads, and Yelp Reviews.

Further, a professional social media management agency like Digital Marketers Chicago understands best how to translate campaign results into effective suggestions for how to better revise social media content, ad campaigns, and SEO. Most importantly, however, our professional social media managers have in-depth knowledge regarding all active social media platforms.

Here are some of the social platforms our Social Media Management Company provides marketing services for:

  • Social Media Management Company for Facebook Ads and Campaigns
  • Social Media Management Company for Twitter
  • Social Media Management Company for Instagram
  • Social Media Management Company for LinkedIn
  • Social Media Management Company for Youtube
  • Social Media Management Company for Yelp & Google Review

Full-Service Chicago Social Media Management Company

As a premier Chicago social media management agency, Digital Marketers Chicago knows the right content to deliver at the right times to the right people. Profitable social media campaigns run by a superior social media management company can help your company communicate with its audience, establish genuine connections with target consumers, choose the right social media management platforms to promote your brand and develop a social media strategy to increase recognition and sales.

Our social media management agency caters our strategies to your company’s specific needs. Our social media managers create a customized approach for each company to effectively reach consumers. By channeling the power of social media, we find the right people to talk about you and your business. This fosters new relationships and easy, cost-effective promotion of your brand.

Here are some of the other services our Social Media Management Company offers:

  • Audit of existing social media management strategies
  • Customized strategy to generate leads
  • Marketing campaign goals
  • Identified target audiences
  • Relevant, unique content
  • Daily social media account management
  • Cross-network promotion
  • Metrics and report analysis

Find Out Why Digital Marketers Chicago is Chicago’s Top Social Media Management Company!

With our excellent track record and wealth of experience, we offer your business the very best in Social Media Management services. Social Media platforms regularly change, so your social media marketing strategy needs to not only be consistently managed but also improved in order to keep your brand easily recognized and create more brand visibility.

Our social media management strategies ensure that your company’s social media campaigns are in line with your long-term business objectives. Our clients’ companies become more successful and generate increased revenue and leads when they hire Digital Marketers Chicago for their social media account management needs.

Chicago Social Media experts at Digital Marketers Chicago will save you significant time in working to build an online presence for your brand. We have successfully grown many companies’ ROI and growth through our unparalleled social media management services. Spend less time growing your brand’s social media presence and more time running your lucrative company by hiring the Social Media Managers at Digital Marketers Chicago!

Do you have any questions regarding social media management services from a professional Social Media Management Company in Chicago? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation today!

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