• Facebook ad campaigns create new subscribers and increase interest
  • Define your goals and target ads toward specific demographics and interests
  • Thousands of people can be reached that meet very specific targeting criteria
  • More flexible and easier to set up than Google Ad Words


  • Review Facebook account and develop targeted demographics
  • Create compelling, successful Facebook Ad campaigns specifically catered to your targeted demographics
  • Review performance and analytics metrics
  • Post unique and interesting content on a regular basis to keep your subscribers engaged
  • Monthly review session to review results and recommend changes

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What is a Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertisements are targeted ads or sponsored stories created by companies on Facebook that target Facebook users directly, based on their age group, demographics and interests. Facebook ads can appear on a user’s PC, mobile device, or both, and can specifically target users based on their “likes” and interests. With the assistance of our Chicago Facebook Advertising Company, we will make sure that your ad will generate the results you are looking for!

Facebook ads are extremely important to companies because of the enormous reach, brand exposure and specific audience targeting features the ads can provide. Facebook also has an insights tool that can calculate the effectiveness of your ads and provide valuable analytical information.


How Will Facebook Advertising Created by a Facebook Advertising Company in Chicago Help My Business?

Facebook ads can be very beneficial for your company or organization. In fact, Facebook advertising, especially when performed by a Chicago Facebook advertising company like ours, can be very targeted, in some cases even more targeted than Google Ad Words and other types of Google advertising.

With Facebook advertising, you can target people based on their profile and what they “like” on their profile. For example, if a customer “likes” Nike, it’s no accident that they are seeing ads for running shoes on their Facebook page. If they “like” the Chicago Cubs, for example, it’s no accident that they will be seeing Facebook advertisements for Cubs gear on their website.

Although Google also provides significant demographic information and is somewhat targeted, Facebook advertising can in many cases be even more targeted to reach the consumers you want to reach. This is especially true if you have the help of a Chicago Facebook advertising company to assist you in performing market research on the customers and demographics you want to target your ads to.

Below are common benefits companies realize when using Facebook advertising:

  • As discussed above, targeting of the audience you wish to reach is very precise
  • Facebook has an enormous mobile audience, and over 1.75 billion Facebook users logon to Facebook every day
  • Facebook’s analytics and ad performance stats are very helpful, and have many metrics for you to review in measuring the success of your Facebook ad campaign
  • Improved brand awareness is present on Facebook, so there is lots of exposure to your company and your brand
  • Facebook advertising campaigns can be set up quickly and efficiently, so you are able to get going right away
  • Almost more importantly, Facebook advertising campaigns, especially if created by a Chicago Facebook marketing agency like ours, will increase visitors to your website and result in more conversions and higher revenue for your company or organization

A Facebook ads campaign created by a professional Facebook advertising company in Chicago will help your company increase exposure, traffic, and ultimately sales if they campaign is set up correctly and targeting the right audience for your business.  Facebook advertising budgets can start out at as little as a few dollars a day, so it’s entirely possible to start small until you begin to see measurable results from your Facebook ad campaign.

Chicago Facebook Advertising Company – How to Create a Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign with the Best Facebook Advertising Techniques

There are many things you should consider implementing when creating your Facebook ad campaign.  Whether you hire a Chicago Facebook advertising company like us to set it up, or whether you do it yourself, below are some tips to consider for your Facebook ad strategy:

  • Have a powerful offer, something that will give people a good reason to click on your ad.  The ad is not the time for “selling” or creating undue pressure
  • Concentrate on generating revenue as your primary goal.  While likes and shares are nice, your Facebook ad campaign ultimately needs to generate new business for it to be successful
  • Use A/B testing for your ads so you can determine which ones are the most successful
  • Monitor your ads and campaigns regularly to ensure they are achieving the results you are looking for
  • Use your audience “insights” to ensure you are targeting the correct demographics
  • Use video as much as you can, both in your Facebook posts, ads and on your website.  Video is very personal and is an excellent sales and marketing tool!

Chicago Facebook Advertising Company – Digital Marketers Chicago

Digital Marketers Chicago is one of Chicago’s best Facebook advertising companies, and we can help you with every aspect of your Facebook advertising campaigns, including:

  • Facebook account and advertising account set up
  • Facebook ad placement and creating
  • Facebook demographic research and precision ad targeting
  • Facebook ad monitoring to ensure your account is producing measurable results
  • Facebook advertising consulting, including budget and demographic consulting
  • Facebook advertising and analytics monitoring

Especially if you are just getting started with Facebook business advertising, your Facebook advertising strategy and ad creation should be performed by a professional Chicago Facebook advertising agency such as Digital Marketers Chicago. Our Facebook advertising company is based in Chicago, IL, and can help you get started on the right foot to produce and manage campaigns that will produce measurable results.


Digital Marketers Chicago – Facebook Marketing Agency in Chicago

The Facebook advertising experts at Digital Marketers Chicago are committed to ensuring your Facebook advertising campaign is successful and produces results. We are an experienced Facebook marketing agency that will help ensure you maximize Facebook and all other applicable social media platforms so that they can help you generate new customers and new revenue.

Digital Marketers Chicago designs and implements Facebook advertising services for small business, as well as medium sized and large businesses, to target audiences that will generate revenue for your company or organization. We are known as one of the best Facebook advertising agencies in Chicago that delivers results.

Professional Facebook Marketing Company in Chicago – Don’t Miss Out!

Chicago Facebook advertising experts such as the ones at Digital Marketers Chicago will save you time and resources creating and implementing a successful Facebook marketing campaign for your company. Our Facebook ads team has created campaigns for numerous companies that generate results and revenue. We will take care of everything for you, including setting up the ad, writing the copy for it, creating multiple ads, and monitoring the analytics to ensure your Facebook ad campaigns are delivering.

Do you have questions about Facebook advertising from a professional Facebook ad agency in Chicago? We’ll be happy to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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