• An optimized website that has been reviewed by a Chicago website usability testing company will make it easier to find through search engine results, improving your SEO
  • Having website usability testing company evaluate your site will ultimately improve customer relations
  • A mobile user-friendly website promotes increased traffic from mobile users
  • A responsive site costs less because there is less of a need for constant maintenance and upkeep


  • Evaluate website design and layout for overall appeal
  • Assess how well your content is structured and organized
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Perform user experience testing through focus groups
  • Understand how satisfied users are with website experience with customer interviews
  • Research competitors and analyze what works well to implement similar strategies on your site

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Why Perform Usability Testing and Analysis for your Website?

In today’s digital market, establishing an online presence through a user-friendly website is the key to running a successful business. Since there are a plethora of similar websites and businesses selling the same products and services, if a user is unable to navigate your site, they will quickly move onto the next one. Our website usability testing company will make sure that your website is optimized properly so no one will want to leave your site.  A professional review by a Chicago website usability testing company will help your website become significantly more user friendly!

The term “website usability” refers to the ease of which any average individual can perform any ordinary task on a website. While usability is definitely suggestive, there are certain essential principles that any given website should adhere to maximize its usability. For instance, having a logical organization of your content is necessary for users to be able to navigate your site comfortably.

By using a website usability testing company to monitor your web presence throughout the development process and beyond, you will gain a competitive advantage in your industry. When competitors are only a click away, receiving feedback to improve your website is necessary to make sure you don’t scare away any potential customers. Digital Marketers Chicago is a Chicago website usability testing company that performs usability testing for your site to decrease your bounce rate and increase conversions. We work to identify instances where users can get confused, have trouble, or face errors along a process of completing a task.

Premier Chicago Website Usability Testing Company Process

Digital Marketers Chicago is the leading Chicago website usability testing company located in the heart of Chicago that services clients from all over the globe. We apply a systemic approach to collect customer insight so that the recommendations we produce are based on qualitative evidence.

To start our site usability analysis process, we first meet with you to examine your website, discussing areas of concern, areas for improvement, and your target audience. We also discuss company goals and objectives.


Next, we determine which users appropriately fit your target audience profile the best and recruit them to participate in our studies, so that you will receive the most relevant information possible. After brainstorming possible scenarios or tasks that users will perform on your site, we design a customized experience for participants to take part in, analyzing their behaviors and determining how many steps it takes to complete a task. This way, our analyzed reports we eventually deliver to you are in-depth and focused on measuring a user’s experience so that we can provide suggestions for improvement that makes sense.

Incomparable Chicago Website Usability Testing Company Services

Digital Marketers Chicago is a Chicago website usability testing company that specializes in responsive website design and development. Our website usability testing company will perform inside-out usability performance testing at all stages of your website’s development, saving you both time and money in the long-hall.

Our Chicago website usability testing company makes company and business websites easier to use. By watching your real individuals experience your website, we help you get a real sense of what your target market feels as they explore your business online. Through careful observation and review, we deduce customer feedback to determine opportunities to enhance a user’s experience.

To effectively provide expert usability recommendations, Digital Marketers Chicago offers usability testing services that evaluate several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Page load time
  • Bounce rate
  • On-page SEO
  • Accessibility
  • Click per
  • Mobile user integration
  • Average views per visit or sessions per page
  • Session length
  • Failed internal searches
  • Broken links
  • Site structure and layout
  • Convenience
  • Product page conversion rates
  • Overall design quality
  • Navigation simplicity
  • Cross-channel compatibility

Effective Chicago Website Usability Testing Company Tools

Engaging content and social media and PPC ROI may be the foundation of your marketing strategy, but what’s the point if you have a website full of usability issues that deter prospective customers away?

The overall success of a website depends on many things; its search engine rankings, SEO optimization, conversion rates, and much more. A website should offer users a convenient and easy way to complete a simple action, such as finding useful information. Our website usability testing company have experts that create digital strategies based on competitive market research and real-life targeted user experience tests. We review various tools designed to benefit your site’s usability.

Below are some of the valuable online tools our Chicago website usability testing company uses every day to optimize your site’s usability and conversion rates:

  1. Google Webmaster — Crawl your site for errors that Google has detected within the past 90 days. Use this resource to help you identify a number of problems within your site, from broken links to missing pages and server errors. Optimize your website by redirecting page errors so Google ranks your site higher in search results.
  2. Optimizely — This platform offers a number of A/B testing tools which allow users to track conversion rates and visits. It is a great tool for testing mobile website applications.
  3. Crazyegg — This tool offers a plethora of necessary features, starting with a heatmap log to see where your visitors are clicking on your webpage and why. It also features a scrollmap for you to determine how far down your visitors scroll on each page.
  4. Clicktale — Clicktale is a paid platform our site usability testing company uses to track a user’s mouse and keystrokes, as well as how long it takes for visitors to navigate your site. It provides a heatmap of each users’ session, identifying the areas where users spend most of their time and where they spend the least amount of time.
  5. Qualaroo — This testing platform is extremely helpful in implementing practices for getting visitors to review your site’s usability. Its practices encourage site users to respond to a series of targeted questions in real-time. Qualaroo offers services such as exit surveys for users to fill out after visiting your site so you can learn more about how to improve conversion rates.

Experienced Chicago Website Usability Testing Company

The site usability testing professionals at Digital Marketers Chicago are experts. Our Chicago website usability testing team has the experience and knowledge necessary to understand your target market, their wants and behaviors and develop a strategy that will identify areas for improvement to enhance your customers’ online experience of your brand.

When you carry out usability testing with an experienced Chicago website usability testing company like Digital Marketers Chicago, you are not only getting a new pair of eyes to oversee your work and perhaps identify things you hadn’t thought of, but also are able to better understand user behavior, which will help you improve retention rates by alleviating any identified problems. Throughout the years, our team has assisted a wide variety of companies both large and small reach their full potential by conducting a full audit of their websites’ usability.

Here are some of the industries we provide Site Usability Testing for:

  • Site Usability Testing for Accounting Firms
  • Website Usability Tests for Advertising Agencies
  • Website Usability Analysis for Ecommerce Companies
  • Site Usability Review for Healthcare Companies
  • Site Usability Tests for Hotels
  • Website Usability Reporting for Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Website Usability Review for Real Estate Companies
  • Site Usability Analysis for Small Businesses in Chicago
  • Site Usability Reporting for Sporting Goods Companies
  • Site Usability Examination for Transportation Companies

Gain Valuable Insights with Digital Marketers Chicago — Best Chicago Website Usability Testing Company!

At Digital Marketers Chicago, we employ website usability testing best practices to collect data to help you avoid any serious mistakes, achieve your company goals, and ultimately outperform competitors. Altering your website’s design beforehand will mean fewer issues along the way and reduced extra development costs.

After carefully analyzing targeted consumers navigate your website, our website usability testing experts help breakdown your competitive advantages, your weaknesses, and identify areas for improvement. With consumer insights neatly compiled in one place, you will be able to understand your target more clearly and quickly to develop critical knowledge about how to move forward to benefit your business’s success overall.

We support a range of platforms to perform functionality across all channels, including testing on iPads, iPhones, and Androids’ phones and tablets. At the end of the entire site testing process, our website usability testing company compiles an in-depth report clearly stating and analyzing all test results. We then share these results with your team, and work with you to implement any changes that might improve the success of your site. But the process is never over. At Digital Marketers Chicago, we continue to build your brand with you, testing again for validation of our suggestions and practices.

Our website usability tests will ensure your website is working in such a manner that aligns with with your long term business strategy. Companies that use our Chicago website usability testing company become more successful and gain a competitive advantage in their industries by decreasing costs, improving interactive user experience, and increasing conversion rates.

Contact us today to speak with one of our Chicago Site Usability Analysts to learn how you can begin improving your website’s usability and gain more qualified leads for your business.

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