• Great way to announce new and exciting changes within your company to the general public by using our professional press release company
  • Acts as your voice of record within the media
  • Helps to maintain a transparent message
  • Increases online visibility to targeted prospects


  • Create topics of interest for press releases
  • Issue and distribute within target market or audience
  • Issue properly formatted and “newsworthy” press releases on a quarterly basis, or as needed with the assistance of our professional press release company

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What is a Press Release?

A press release is an official, written communication providing information about something that is “newsworthy.” It is typically brief, and can be issued by any corporation or organization such as our professional press release company.

Although press releases that are issued are not always “picked up,” or run by the news organizations you submit them to, having the press release published either in newspapers or online is the goal. The more newsworthy and/or interesting it is, the more likely it will be picked up and published by the news organization(s) you submitted it to.

For press releases, you want either the news organization to pass the information along via their print publications or websites, or you issue them with the hope that a reporter will see the press release and create an article about it. Both options are great for a multitude of reasons when using our Chicago professional press release company.


How Does Issuing Press Releases Benefit Our Company or Organization?

Issuing press releases has significant benefits so long as the topic is “newsworthy.” Newsworthy topics could include moving locations, adding additional employees (especially C-level employees), expanding your operations to include different segments, addition of a new product or service, or announcement of a large upcoming event your organization is sponsoring.

You want your press release to be newsworthy both so reporters will actually read it and take an interest in it, and also because the press release companies will not publish and issue it unless is has some “news” value, that can be possible when using our professional press release company.

Here are a few ways that issuing press releases will benefit your company or organization:

  • Press releases will inform your prospective customers, customers and stakeholders of important events currently going on with your company, organization, or industry
  • With our Chicago professional press release company, press releases will increase your exposure and visibility with your target audience and/or area of operations, making people aware of your company or organization who otherwise may not be
  • Press releases are very favorable for SEO for a variety of reasons – link building through the press release itself and additional link building by news organizations that publish it are valuable to increase your company/website’s ranking in the search engines
  • Press release issuance and distribution is not too expensive
  • Press releases can help establish you or your company as experts in your industry
  • Press releases have the potential to attract potential investors and keep them apprised of new developments happening with your company

Creating press releases with a goal in mind can have a powerful effect on increasing your audience base and getting the word out on important advancements within your company.  Again though, just make sure they are newsworthy and that someone will actually want to read it and find it interesting.  Otherwise, you will not receive the benefits press releases have to offer as journalists and readers will just pass on publishing them and reading them.

Experienced Chicago Professional Press Release Company

Digital Marketers Chicago has years of experience helping Chicago companies with their search engine optimization. Quite frankly, there are a variety of ways our Chicago professional press release company can help your company substantially increase your web traffic which will result in increased calls or emails to your business, one of them being our professional press release company.

5 Rules for Writing Press Releases by a Chicago Professional Press Release Company

Whether your are writing the press release yourself or having them written by a professional press release company such as Digital Marketers Chicago, here are a few rules of the road to get started:

I. Think of Press Releases as a Sales Strategy – your want to convey a certain message to your audience, essentially selling your new idea, event, or whatever it is your are issuing the release about.  Just because it is a “press release,” doesn’t mean you have to make it boring! In fact, the opposite is true. Try to make it as interesting as possible while sticking to your message.

II. Make Sure the Information is Newsworthy – we can’t stress this enough!  It must be newsworthy; otherwise, a press release is not the appropriate medium to convey what you want to convey.

III. Think Like a Reporter – How would a reporter write the story?  What are some things reporters do in both the title and the article itself to make their stories more interesting?  Adopting some of these tactics will increase the likelihood that your press release is read and shared!

IV. Don’t Forget to Include Quotes– As in news articles, you want to make sure you use quotes in your press release.  Quotes from the CEO, product or service designer, or from the person most appropriate to leave a quote for your story will go a long way.  It also makes the press release more personal to your readers.

V. Personally Contact the News Organizations– It wouldn’t hurt to not only issue the press release, but to also contact reporters and publications that you would most want to run the story.  Hundreds if not thousands of press releases are issued every day, so a personalized email or phone call to the news organizations most applicable to your new development can go a long way to them becoming aware of it and publishing it.


Chicago Professional Press Release Company

Digital Marketers Chicago is a professional press release company in Chicago, IL, and we excel at creating interesting and informative press releases that will make your company shine with our professional press release company!

Our Chicago professional press release company experts have years of experience in press release, writing, and SEO skills, and also know the best methods and platforms for which to issue your important press release.

When choosing a Chicago professional press release company, know that we have some of the best press release writers that will spend significant time learning both about your company and the event or newsworthy item you are wanting to distribute and have published.

Our professional press release company writers in Chicago will not only write you’re your important press release, but will also optimize the headers, keywords and keyword phrases, add links to your sites and social media channels, and target it to the areas that will be most beneficial for your company depending on what type of product or service you offer.

Do you have questions about press releases?  Please don’t hesitate to give our professional Chicago press release writers here at Digital Marketers Chicago a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and get started helping you highlight your brand in a meaningful way.

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