• One of the BEST ways to boost your site’s traffic organically (without paying for it via ads)
  • Will educate your consumers on your products or services and increase conversion rates
  • Ranking organically on Page 1 of Google for the keywords you are targeting is one of the best ways to drive high quality, targeted users to your website


  • Evaluate your website pages and all current content
  • Review the top keywords and phrases you want to rank for
  • Create landing pages using keyword phrases that will greatly improve your page ranking and site ranking
  • Repeat the process, creating new landing pages using different keywords phrases to rank well for numerous keyword phrases

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What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages, especially ones written by a professional Chicago landing page company are essentially pages for your website that users “land on” when they Google certain search terms, one or more of your website pages appears in the search results, and they click on the link to arrive to your website. Landing pages, or web pages, can be any page created on your website. They can be visible or invisible. Visible meaning that the page is also accessible from your website. Invisible meaning that the page is still there and searchable, but is not able to be accessed directly from the website (such as from the “Services” menu or other menus or links).

A great website should have numerous landing pages focused on a specific set of keyword phrases. For example, if you are commercial photography company, a few of the following landing pages you may want to include on your website are: event photography company, celebrity photography company, healthcare photography company, and so on. This will be expected when using our Chicago landing page company.

The idea is to create a separate web page for all of the separate services you offer and industries you target. Having a separate page for each is much more effective from an SEO perspective than trying to list multiple services or industries serviced on one page.

When using our Chicago landing page company services, you want the whole landing page, or web page, to be about a specific topic with similar keyword phrases sprinkled throughout the page. Doing it this way will ensure Google properly indexes the page and you appear high in the search results for the keywords, services and/or industries that you are targeting.

Why Should I Use Landing Pages for Search Engine Optimization?

Landing page creation for search engine optimization is one of the best additions you can make to your company’s digital marketing program.  Professional website landing pages created by a professional Chicago Landing Page Company and can have so many benefits.

Here are a few benefits you will receive from creating landing pages for SEO:

  • If written correctly, you will rank higher in the search engines for they keywords and phrases that you are targeting, attracting significantly more visitors to your website
  • Landing pages are an opportunity to keep your audience informed of the products or services you provide
  • Landing pages are low in cost to produce and have an enormous return on investment
  • High quality landing pages allow you to add additional services and rank for them on the search engines
  • Landing pages will grow your amount of website traffic and conversions

When Creating landing pages using our Chicago landing page company, you will produce content that is purposeful and inclusive of the keywords and phrases you are targeting is a no brainer and is one of the best SEO techniques you can implement to gain new, targeted traffic to your website.  This will in turn lead to more conversions (people contacting you after visiting your web page). Contact our professional Chicago landing page company to learn more.

How Does a Landing Page Convert More People To My Business?

“Conversions” essentially means that visitors take an action, such as contacting you or requesting a quote, or purchasing a product, after arriving to your website.  There are several ways you can increase the rate at which your website users convert:

  • Easy to Contact – Make it very easy for the user to contact you (calling, emailing, chatting, etc.).  There should be multiple places on each page of your website where users can easily “convert
  • Answer Their Questions – Ensure that your web page/landing page is the answer to the question your visitor just keyed into Google.  For example, if your site visitor is typing into Google “Professional Electrician in Milwaukee, WI,” make sure you include those keywords in your landing page and variations of those words both on the page and on the website in general.
  • Eliminate Distractions – Don’t make your web pages distracting with too many words, graphics or links on your web pages.  You want your website visitors to stay focused on what they are searching for (and have now found), and you do not want them to leave your website due to something distracting.

What Should I Include in My Landing Pages?

Our Professional Chicago Landing Page Company will include some or all of the following items, whether you are creating the page or whether it is being created by a professional landing page company:

  • Written Content – To inform your audience or prospective customers, and for SEO
  • Visual Content – To keep your landing page interesting and user friendly.  These can be in the form of photos, graphics, charts, or videos
  • Plenty of Calls to Action – The goal of the Chicago landing page company is not only to attract site visitors, but to convert those visitors into paying customers.  So have several calls to action. If it is a long page with lots of content, have several calls to action throughout the webpage.
  • Internal & External Links – These are important for SEO, and also to highlight other products or services you offer that your prospective customer might be interested in
  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases – To let Google know what your page is about and to rank higher in the search engine
  • Meta Information – Also to let Google know what your page is about, and so you may decide (instead of Google) what the title and descriptions say on the search engine (basically how your page title and text appear in the Google search results)…

Landing Pages for WordPress

Our professional Chicago Landing Page Company creates landing pages for WordPress and all other web platforms. WordPress is an extremely popular platform, and over 70% of the clients we have use it as their preferred website platform. Our landing pages aren’t specific to WordPress, but work very well on that platform due to their user friendly SEO tools to assist in on-page SEO strategies.

WordPress landing pages will significantly help gain more visitors to your website, which will result in more potential customers contacting you and, ultimately, more sales. Landing pages for WordPress, along with using SEO best practices and a user friendly website, will make great inroads to expanding your audience and customers.

Optimized Landing Pages by Digital Marketers Chicago

The team members at Digital Marketers Chicago are experts at creating customized landing pages for your business. We are a Chicago landing page company that guarantees results from everything we do to help your business, and will create landing pages that are unique and target specific keywords to get your landing page (web page) on Page 1 of Google for the keywords targeted.

At Digital Marketers Chicago, we target specific keywords and keywords phrases for each landing page we create, and these keywords and phrases are researched beforehand to ensure the keywords we use are what your prospective customers are typing into the search engine when searching for a business like yours.

Each landing page we create not only targets keywords that are specific to your industry, but also target the area, location and/or city you are operating in. The primary goal of our Chicago landing page company is to rank your business and make it appear on page 1 of Google organically for the product or service we are working to rank for.

Best Landing Page Company in Chicago, IL – Digital Marketers Chicago

Digital Marketers Chicago is one of the best SEO companies in Chicago.  We combine Google’s SEO best practices with unique, original content that will rank you higher on Google Search.  Our Chicago landing page company not only writes high quality landing pages for your business, but we also design and optimize them so they are user friendly, have calls to action, and uses advanced SEO techniques to help your company rank higher and attract significantly more visitors to your website.

Here are a few of the specific steps we take in creating landing pages for SEO:

  • Ensure the written content we create represents your business well and is written in a way to rank you as high as possible in the search engines, preferably on page one of Google written by our Chicago landing page company
  • Include pictures, graphics, or video on the landing page for SEO and for user friendliness
  • Update meta information for the web page, the web site, and photos or video on each page
  • Analyze and update the URL structure of your website as needed to ensure it is compliant with SEO best practices for website
  • Include Internal and External Links throughout the page
  • Submit your web page to Google to help ensure the page is crawled as fast as possible so you appear high in the search results asap
  • Provide continual analysis of the page ranking to ensure your arrive on page one of Google and stay there

High Quality Landing Pages With A Huge Return on Investment

High quality landing pages written by a professional Chicago Landing Page company, like ours will ensure large results with a low investment.  Our Chicago landing page company will create landing pages for your business that will rank you high up in the search results, without having to resort to pay per click ads or other forms of paid advertising – our landing pages and writing skills will rank you naturally for the keyword phrases you are targeting.

Digital Marketers Chicago is an experienced SEO company in Chicago, IL, and specialize in landing pages for all types of businesses.  We are one of the leading Chicago Landing Page Company experts in the Chicago land area, and our primary goal is to attract more visitors to your website and generate more sales for your company, regardless of what industry you are in or whether you are selling products or services.  Please contact one of our landing page company experts and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about landing pages or any of the other SEO services we offer.

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