• When your website appears high up in the Google search results when keywords and keyword phrases are relating to your company are searched, then your website will be seen by more people which means more positive brand exposure
  • Appearing above the competition in Google search results means you will be able to reach customers first, rather than losing out on potential clients to insurance company websites
  • Our Digital marketing for Insurance companies will expertly craft a plan you can implement to your target marketing campaigns, which will reach to the most beneficial demographics


  • Going through your current insurance marketing plan, if there is one in place, and analyzing weak points and other areas of improvement
  • Check the search engine rankings of your competitors and do content analysis as well to figure out a strategy to try and out-rank them
  • Create high-quality, keyword infused content aimed at positively impacting insurance SEO is our specialty at digital marketing for insurance companies
  • Analyze usability of your website and make recommendations to form a more user-friendly experience for website visitors
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Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies and Why Your Insurance Company Needs It

In a digital age, consumers are not opening a phone book to find service providers. Rather, people are performing Google searches to find products and services. More specifically, people are looking at the first page of Google search results in order to make decisions when it comes to what the most reliable companies are. All of these digital changes have greatly affected the insurance industry. This is why it is so important that your company to consult with digital marketing for insurance companies to formulate the best insurance SEO plan.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with SEO, it is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. To provide a simple definition, SEO is utilizing content and other methods in order to rank your website higher in Google search results while hopefully maximizing visits to your website. This is vital to businesses because not many people are going to venture past the first page of search results when they Google something. Just think about your own experience, how often do you click past the first or maybe second page of Google search results? Again, if you’re the average person, your answer was probably seldom or never.

Digital marketing for insurance companies is so important because if a client can’t find you, how are they going to do business with you? Obviously you want your insurance company to grow and to gain more clients. The way to do this with the highest return of investment (ROI) is by insurance SEO. Having your insurance company’s website seen by the most amount of people will bring about the most potential client base. Especially, in an industry with a seemingly endless amount of competition.

Chicago Digital Marketing Firm for Insurance Companies

How Plans Are Crafted In Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies

A professional digital marketing for insurance companies will specialize in insurance SEO tactics and is able to custom-fit a comprehensive marketing plan to your specific company. When they do this, they take into account the long-term goals of your insurance company. Quite possibly, your insurance company’s goal is to gain more clientele. That being said, the main focus of your insurance marketing plan would be centered around reaching people in the proper demographic range at high volumes. Now there are many different ways digital marketing for insurance companies may go about improving insurance SEO to make that reach happen. One such way is by identifying important keywords for content.

Keywords are the phrases and words that you want your webpage to rank for when they are Googled, or searched on any other search engine. As an example, if you operate a car insurance company in Chicago, you’d want to rank for “auto insurance Chicago” when that phrase is Googled. It can be difficult to try and decipher what keywords are the most beneficial to insurance SEO, especially for your insurance company’s specialty. This is where it is extremely helpful and beneficial to hire expert digital marketing for insurance companies like those at Digital Marketers Chicago.

Another beneficial method that can be part of the formation of a successful digital marketing for insurance companies plan is video content. Video is quickly becoming the main component of Internet traffic. Now when it comes to business, this is a very important thing to know. Utilizing video content on your insurance company’s website not only boosts SEO, but it makes your website more user friendly. Increasingly, people are relying on mobile devices to search the web. Having entertaining video marketing content on your website means it is easier for mobile users to enjoy it. If your website is more enjoyable for potential clients, then it is likely they will be more willing to give you business.

At Digital Marketers Chicago, we take the time to research keywords that would be the best for insurance SEO. Our digital marketing for insurance companies will also assist you in making sure you have beneficial video content that is properly captioned and titled with keywords as well. More specifically, we make sure that your insurance company’s website has an edge when it comes to ranking for vital keywords in content. Our team is dedicated and we strive to see our clients’ websites on the first page of Google search results.

Our Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies Offers Many Services

Besides keyword research, Digital Marketers Chicago offers a great deal of other insurance SEO and insurance marketing solutions. One of our main goals is fitting your insurance company with a strategic marketing plan that addresses the weak points in your current marketing program and also adds new means for expanding your clientele base and increasing brand exposure. Some, but certainly not all, of our insurance marketing and insurance SEO services include:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Service Review Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

As evidenced by this list of just some of our digital marketing for insurance companies services, Digital Marketers Chicago is able to form a detailed marketing plan that is perfect for your insurance company. We will work with you to make sure that your insurance marketing plan will lead to more clients and by default, more profits.

Selecting an Insurance SEO and Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies

Your insurance company’s marketing plan should not be handled by anyone but the best. That being said, how do you know which digital marketing for insurance companies is the one to choose? First off, they should have experience with and knowledge of the insurance industry. You wouldn’t want someone that has no experience with cars doing mechanical work on your vehicle. The same logic applies with not wanting someone with no knowledge of the insurance industry left to market for your insurance company.

Also, when selecting digital marketing for insurance companies, you want to make sure that they are able to custom fit a marketing plan to your specific needs. A cookie cutter approach is not beneficial when it comes to insurance marketing because it may not focus on the areas that your company actually needs assistance with. Insurance SEO and marketing plans need to fit with the custom needs of your company. For example, if your company struggles with social media, then your insurance marketing company needs to be able to address that.

Digital Marketers Chicago is the best digital marketing for insurance companies in Chicago. Our years of experience with the insurance industry have proved this to be true. We will work closely with your insurance company to figure out exactly what needs to be done, from a marketing standpoint, to help you increase website traffic and subsequently grow your client base.

Digital Marketing For Insurance Companies – The Insurance Marketing Company You Can Trust

When searching for an insurance marketing company, look no further than Digital Marketers Chicago. Highly trained and experienced insurance marketers are in-house and ready to make your company attract more clients. We have mastered the art of digital marketing for insurance companies and are prepared to share our knowledge with you by bringing your insurance company’s website up in Google search rankings. Just think of all the potential clients that you could be doing business with that are instead working with your more SEO savvy competitors. Don’t lose anymore clients! Contact the team here at Digital Marketers Chicago today to speak with one of our insurance SEO experts!

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