• Ranking higher in Google search results will lead to more people seeing your hotel which will lead to more people staying at your hotel
  • With the assistance of our digital marketing for hotels you will be able to show off the unique benefits of your hotel and really make it stand out from the competition
  • You can target specific groups and demographics to make sure that you are getting business suited to your hotel’s message
  • Getting beneficial links on your website can increase website traffic which may lead to more guests staying at your hotel


  • Evaluate your current digital marketing strategy, if any, and find the weak points
  • Look into what competitors are doing and how they rank in Google search results
  • Create goals that are based around getting more potential guests to find your hotel online and increasing the rate at which these potential guests turn into actual patrons of your establishment
  • Our digital marketing for hotels will help you formulate content that is rich in valuable keywords in order to boost Google search results ranking
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Digital Marketing For Hotels: Why It Is So Vital

It is no secret that a majority of people nowadays find services and products on the Internet by performing a Google search. However, what you may not know is that the likelihood of someone clicking past the first page of Google search results is extremely slim and the chances of clicking past the second page are slim to none. This in itself is a huge indicator as to why  digital marketing for hotels, and more specifically SEO, is so vital for your hotel.

You obviously want more guests to stay at your hotel because more guests means more profitability. If you want more people to stay at your hotel, your website needs to be accessible so your hotel can actually be found. In order for your hotel to be seen, it needs to be ranked high in Google search results. This can be achieved through digital marketing for hotels and many hotel SEO tactics that have been practiced by experienced hotel digital marketing companies.

When choosing a hotel digital marketing company, you need to make sure that whoever you select has experience in your specific industry. At Digital Marketers Chicago, we specialize in hotel marketing and hotel SEO so you know that your hotel marketing strategy will be in very capable hands. We offer numerous services to fit the needs of your hotel and to coincide with your long-term business goals.

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Why Is Digital Marketing For Hotels Important?

It is very unlikely that future hotel guests will scroll past the first or second page of Google search results. This means it is essential for your hotel to rank high when keywords relating to your place are searched. This brings us to SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process in which quality content, links, and more come together to place your hotel’s website higher up in Google’s search results.

These days, the Internet is the most effective way to get found by future customers. Digital marketing for hotels help to make sure that your hotel’s website is easily located by potential guests. Here at Digital Marketers Chicago, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive hotel SEO services to fit your hotel’s individual needs. Whether it be formulating quality written content for your website or making sure that positive reviews from former guests shine through. We are committed to giving you the best hotel digital marketing experience.

Digital Marketers Chicago has years of hotel SEO experience and we offer specialized service. We are determined to help your hotel out-rank the competitors and to showcase the best, unique aspects of your hotel as well. Don’t settle for the second-best digital marketing for hotels company, hire the best: Digital Marketers Chicago!

What Impacts Hotel SEO?

When it comes to SEO for any industry, there are many different factors that can have positive effects on search engine rankings. To have successful digital marketing for hotels, it is important to work with numerous means of hotel SEO, not just a single method. For example, one tactic that should be implemented for a successful hotel SEO strategy is quality content.

Content that is ripe with keywords can be a key factor in getting your hotel’s website to rank higher in Google search results. Written works, videos, and photography are a few ideas of content that can help your hotel SEO. When the written work contains keywords that you want to rank for, such as “Chicago luxury hotel”, and the photos or videos are captioned with the established keywords as well, then hopefully your hotel’s website will appear when someone searches for “Chicago luxury hotel”. At Digital Marketers Chicago, we can help you formulate great content for your hotel’s website to boost hotel SEO.

Another factor that impacts digital marketing for hotels is reviews.

Reviews are taken into account when local, organic search rankings are determined. Most consumers will look at the reviews of a company, especially a hotel, before giving them business. Google can see what hotels in the area have the highest reviews and will likely rank them higher. This means it is wise to utilize service review management. Digital Marketers Chicago offers experienced and skillful service review management services. A last example of the many means of impacting digital marketing for hotels is the use of links.

Links on your hotel’s website have an effect on SEO. Now there are multiple kinds of links and each has an impact on your hotel SEO. One type of link is outbound. An outbound link is just a link on your hotel’s website to another, preferably to a high-quality site. This helps to boost hotel SEO. Another type of link that can benefit hotel SEO is inbound. An inbound link is a link to your website on a high-quality, third-party website. This indicates to Google that your hotel’s website is reliable enough to be referenced by a trustworthy source, so it should probably go up in rankings.

Those are just a few examples of things that can impact digital marketing for hotels. At Digital Marketers Chicago, we have mastered these and many other methods to have a positive impact on hotel SEO. We have the dedication and expertise to make sure that your hotel digital marketing strategy is top-notch. The team here at Digital Marketers Chicago wants to see your hotel on the top page of Google search results and with our services, we will strive to get you there!

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When it comes to getting located by future guests, it has been established that digital marketing for hotels is extremely important. Digital Marketers Chicago has mastered the art of improving SEO for hotels, and nearly all other industries. However, our services stretch beyond the realm of SEO. Some, but surely not all, of our services include:

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Service Review Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

The team here at Digital Marketers Chicago will work with you to ensure a comprehensive, effective digital marketing for hotels plan. We care about the needs of your individual business and want to formulate hotel SEO and hotel digital marketing methods that coincide with your long-term goals. Such as, increasing the amount of people that see your website and that convert into actual guests.

Choose Us, The Best Digital Marketing For Hotels In Chicago

When it comes to your hotel’s marketing strategy, don’t trust just any hotel marketing company. Make sure you choose the best digital marketing for hotels company in Chicago: Digital Marketers Chicago. With years of experience and a true mastery of digital marketing tactics, we are able to offer your hotel personalized hotel marketing and hotel SEO services.

The attention to detail at Digital Marketers Chicago cannot be compared. Whether it is monitoring changes in Google’s algorithm, creating quality, dynamic content with keywords, managing the online reviews for your hotel, we put your hotel business first.

For more information on how the team here at Digital Marketers Chicago can help your hotel’s marketing strategy, please feel free to contact us! One of our experienced and qualified Chicago hotel digital marketers would be happy to discuss your different hotel digital marketing and hotel SEO options!

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