Content Marketing? What is it?Content Marketing Services In Chicago IL

Content marketing is going to be your new best friend for your company! This marketing strategy is among one of the best for online awareness. Content marketing is the customization and construction of blogs, landing pages, press releases, and video marketing. Our team specializes in Chicago content marketing services that will provide you with results to boost your company’s SEO.

You want to have fun and be creative while making any type of content for your company. Think of it this way, if the content you are creating does not engage you to read or view more, why would anyone else want to?

No need to worry, it takes some practice to learn all of the tricks with content marketing. That is why our Chicago content marketing services team is here to provide you help where you struggle the most. We create online success and want to see your company succeed.

How Our Chicago Content Marketing Services Can Help YOU!Chicago Content Marketing Services

You know what content marketing is, but do you know the value of it? The end result to consistent content marketing is ranking on the 1st page of Google, without paying Google Ads to do it for you! Imagine all of the other websites and competitor companies you can out rank by creating content consistently.

The goal of our Chicago content marketing services is for your company to be VERY easily found when searched. You want to be on the 1st page of Google because there is a slim chance that people go on to page 2 of Google. And even slimmer for people to go to page 3 of Google.

Strategies To Use For Content Marketing!

As stated earlier, our Chicago content marketing services offer a variety of content strategies, such as:

  • Blogs: Blogs are webpages that are consistently updated. It is created to peak interest to your customers or followers. The Key to blogs is that they are updated, and they are interesting! Tell people what is going on with your company or introduce interesting topics that relate to your business. This gives a sense to your followers or future customers what your company is all about.
  • Infographics: Infographics help followers or future customers gain an understanding of what your company does through graphs that depict data. This strategy is best suited to explain a complicated topic, show statistics, and or display the use of your product or service.
  • Landing Pages: Landing Pages are webpages that people “land on” when searching a specific keyword or key phrase that leads them to your website. These landing pages can be visible or invisible to your website. This means that you can still search and see these landing pages, they just cannot be accessible to the main website. The purpose of landing pages written by our Chicago landing page company is for them to provide more information for your future customers.
  • Press Releases: Press releases are official written content about information that is newsworthy. Unfortunately, not all press releases are run by news organizations. The goal is to have them published in newspapers or online.
  • Social Media Marketing: Take advantage of social media platforms! You can combine all of the other content strategies with social media. Post videos, educate your followers with interesting facts, this is how you help bring awareness to your business. The more followers you have the more likely they will visit your website. This will increase online traffic for you and help with your ranking!
  • Video Marketing: Video Marketing is actively marketing your products and or services through videos. Video is one of the fastest growing tools to help bring awareness. On every social media platform there is an option to post a video. Use this strategy to engage future customers and followers with long or short videos!

Professional Chicago Content Marketing Services CompanyTips To Help You Rank From Our Chicago Content Marketing Services Team

Writing content is meant to be creative and fun for you and your followers. But, for it to rank on Google, you must combine your creative side with our Chicago content marketing services. We, at Digital Marketers Chicago, have cracked Google’s algorithm. These are simple changes you can add to content you have already created!

Our Chicago content marketing services follow these tips (and all SEO best practices) for every piece of content we publish. Below is a check list to make sure you include everything in your next content marketing piece.

  • Written Content: Make your written content interesting and informative!
  • Visual Content: People love pictures! It is one of the first things they see on a site before they actually read your content. Your audience will stay on your website if there are plenty of pictures and even a video to watch!
  • Meta Information: This is the description shown under the links when you preform a Google search. Like a preview of what you are about to read. Keep this short and sweet! Give a sentence of what your content is about and add a call to action.
  • Call to Action: In your meta description and somewhere in your written content you want to remind your audience that they can contact you. Don’t forget to list your information or have a link for followers to easily reach out to you.
  • Internal and External Links: Having links going inbound and outbound to your website is a great indicator to Googles algorithm. It tells Google that your website is reliable enough to be referenced or to reference other websites.
  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases: This is one of the most important tips! You want to choose a keyword or keyword phrase to consistently put into your content. By doing this, you tell Google exactly what your webpage is about.
  • Density: Keyword density is extremely vital. You do not want to flood your written content with your keyword or keyword phrase and you do not want to barely put it in. Try to keep your keywords between 1% and 2.5% out of your entire written content.

Our Chicago Content Marketing Services will help you and your company with all of these things to help boost your SEO!

How Your Company Can Benefit From Our Chicago Content Marketing Services

The Chicago content marketing services provided by Digital Marketers Chicago will set goals for your company to achieve! Some benefits to our Chicago Chicago content marketing services include:

  • You will no longer consider to pay for Google Ads with our organic content method to be naturally placed by Google
  • Your website ranking will continue to increase as we keep optimizing and posting content
  • Your website will be easier to find on Google and eventually be on page 1
  • More visitors will come to your website
  • You will gain a better understanding on how to utilize content marketing

Choose Our Chicago Content Marketing Services!

We have the experience of over a decade to provide you with the help you need. Our Chicago Content Marketing Services will work with you and your business personally to analyze data, set a strategy and deliver results. Call us today to start your project! Contact our Chicago Content Marketing Services today at (312) 626-7445 or go to our website at