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Hmm, What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and customization of landing pages, blogs, social media, and video posts shared to the world. This is intended to excite interest in your company’s products or services. This is the modern way of marketing, so let our Chicago Content Marketing Company guide you!

Don’t miss out on our tips to help you with content marketing. The purpose of our Chicago content marketing company is to help gain traffic to your website and bring brand awareness!

What Do I Do With Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the most valuable strategies you should be utilizing for your business. Now that you know what content marketing is, what are you going to do with it? Utilizing it correctly will help your website rank highly on the worlds most popular search engine, Google.

With the assistance of our Chicago Content Marketing Company, we can help your website rank on Page 1 of Google! It is important to be on page 1 of Google because people rarely go past the first page and hardly ever go past page 2 of Google.

Tips To Ranking Highly On GoogleProfessional Content Marketing Company Chicago IL

When writing content, you must be strategic with your keywords in terms of how to rank high in Google. Luckily our Chicago content marketing company has cracked the code to Google’s algorithm to help your company rank highly, which will lead to more traffic, leads and revenue for your company! Follow our Chicago content marketing company tips to help rank your website.

  • Calls to Action: Don’t forget to tell your visitors to contact you! Sometimes they need a reminder that they can reach out to you
  • Internal and External Links: This tells Google that you are reliable source by being referenced and to reference other webpages
  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases: The Key is in the Keyword Phrases! You want the right amount of Keywords within your written content to let Google know what your webpage is talking about
  • Meta Information: This is the description or results that appear when performing a Google search. If you do not create a well written Meta Title & Meta Description, then Google will choose one for you (which is not always the best idea)
  • Visual Content: Make your content aesthetically pleasing! People love looking at charts, graphics, photos or videos. This is what hooks them to stay on your site longer.  Also, make sure you title your images correctly for SEO!
  • Written Content: This helps inform your audience of whatever you are trying to share to the world, and is one of the most valuable pieces of the puzzle in terms of how Google will rank & index your website page.

Our Chicago content Marketing Company uses these best practices and strategies daily to help our clients increase their websites SEO. And these are simple changes you can do to already existing content that you have or to create new content before you publish them!

Chicicago Content Marketing Company Image of ContentChicago Content Marketing Company – SEO For The Win!

Search Engine Optimization, other known as SEO, is the optimization of your website. The natural placement of your website ranking on Google. You do not even have to pay for advertisements when you can correctly use SEO to help your webpage naturally place on the first page of Google.

The tips written above are among the best ways to optimize your webpage. The experts at our Chicago content marketing company are here to help you with writing well for both user experience and for SEO. We carefully choose our keyword or keyword phrase for each piece of written content. 

You also want to title the charts, graphics, photos and videos with your keyword or a variation of your keyword. This will boost your websites SEO. The perk to titling these things is that, what if a person searches for those keywords but wants to look at images? Those images will be displayed and will link the visitor to your website.

Another trick to rank even higher on Google, is to make sure you include your keyword in your meta title as well in the meta description. That way when people are looking for your key words or a variation of it, Google will highlight all the words that are related to it.

Some Benefits To Using Our Chicago Content Marketing Company Services

In using our Chicago content marketing company, Digital Marketers Chicago:

  • Your website as a whole as well as the individual website pages will be easily found on Google with relevant Keyword Phrases
  • You will no longer have to pay for ads with our organic SEO method to be naturally ranked organically by Google
  • You will have more visitors to your website interested in your products or services
  • Your overall ranking will keep increasing while we continue to optimize your website
  • You will have a better understanding on content marketing so you can employ some of the strategies yourself!

Why Choose Our Chicago Content Marketing Company?

Our experienced Chicago Content Marketing Company has been providing services to businesses for over a decade. We want to help you with your content marketing, online presence, brand awareness, increase your website traffic and, most importantly, help increase your revenues. We create online success!

We work with you personally to set a strategy, analyze the data, implement a solution and deliver you results. Start your Project with us today! Contact our Chicago Content Marketing Company today at (312) 626-7445 or you may Contact Us Here.