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What do Professional Chicago SEO Agencies Provide?

Chicago SEO Agencies specialize in the optimization of a business’s website with the fundamental goal of improving: viewability, visibility, and accessibility in search engines like Google.

Google, like many other search engines, have a specific algorithm that ranks websites based on their content. The reasoning behind these specific algorithms is to decipher through the various amounts of information that is already provided online.

There are billions upon billions of webpages that provide various amounts of information, without a search engines algorithm, people would have a strenuous and challenging time finding what they need.

Without Chicago SEO Agencies, many businesses wouldn’t be able to successfully communicate with their audience. Today in society, everyone looks to search engines to find the specific information they need. A lot of consumers turn to Google before they decide to make a purchase. Whether it is to look at reviews or to look at cheaper substitutes, people are looking for more information.

This means it is more than ever crucial to have your webpage rank on the first page of Google. By partnering with professional Chicago SEO agencies, your website’s traffic will not only increase, but it provides a leg up against the competition.

SEO Has Needs?

A lot of Chicago SEO agencies follow a hierarchy model. This hierarchy model is similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, it provides a structured visual of the underlining steps needed in search engine optimization.

Like any other hierarchical model, the steps that are found on the bottom make the foundation of a successful SEO. After the initial set up of project goals and objectives, Chicago SEO agencies like Digital Marketers Chicago will add the remaining pieces in search engine optimization.

Oftentimes, these crucial steps go overlooked but are required and essential steps when it comes to your website ranking. Some of these steps that Chicago SEO agencies perform include: keyword optimization, compelling content, and crawl accessibility.

Key Factors in SEO

Keyword optimization is a tool that digital marketers use that allows your website to pop up when searched. The use of the keywords allows your business to target specific consumers that are searching for content. Additionally, the use of keywords can be used for organic and paid searches.

SEO agencies that are qualified can help with whatever strategy you want to implement. Keyword optimization is a very attractive method when using search engine optimization because it offers new opportunities for your business to stand out.

A benefit when working with Chicago SEO agencies is that you are guaranteed that your content will be compelling. Agencies like Digital Marketers Chicago understand the importance of keeping viewers interested. In today’s world, people’s attention span is at an average of eight seconds and this is very much due to the use of technology.

SEO agencies in Chicago, understand the significance in trying to clasp on to those eight seconds. Furthermore, agencies in Chicago want to use those eight seconds to provoke viewers to explore your business’s website even more.

Agencies in Chicago that use SEO also access your website’s crawlability. Crawlability is a term used by agencies, which indicates if your website is accessible to the masses. Furthermore, it detects if your website has any malfunctions to it. Some examples of malfunctions include broken or dead links that are on your page. A useful tool that is commonly employed when crawling is Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a very useful tool that many Chicago SEO Agencies implement. Crawling ensures your website can be seen. Google regularly crawls website pages by following links given to them by known pages.

What makes Google Search Console a necessity to any Chicago SEO Agency is that is provides a quick and easy way for Google to crawl your site. This limits the time it takes for your website to be accessible on Google. Crawling is a major key in making sure your website and your website’s pages rank on the first page of Google.

Other Important Factors in SEO

The Importance of Analysis

Professional Chicago SEO Agencies should always provide a structured analysis on your website. This analysis can be done in many different platforms but a common analysis tool is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used by many marketers because it provides an easy way to view your website’s data.

Crucial Analysis Google Provides

  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Sources for Incoming Traffic
  • Interactions Per Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page Views

Conversion Rate Analysis – A high conversion rate is what a website wants ideally. A conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors that completed your desired action by the total number of visitors your page received. This analysis is crucial in finding key insights because it allows you to omit and add factors, allowing an in-depth perception of what is working and what is not on your website. 

Sources for Incoming Traffic- There are many ways viewers can reach your website. The three ways viewers can access your website are by:

  • Inputting the exact URL into the address bar
  • Exploring through search engines
  • Lastly, through the links found on other websites

Whatever the way people find your website, fundamentally determines the strengths and weaknesses of your site. For example, if your website is memorable, viewers will most likely input your URL into their address bar.

In addition, if the rate of viewers accessing your site through a link found on another site is high, the analyst should highly consider keeping the link on the website.

Interactions Per Visit- Chicago SEO Agencies also take note of the interactions per visit. The use of this analytic show what page the viewer seems most engaged in. Furthermore, the interactions per visit analytic show all the behaviors seen on your website. This is crucial when knowing what page needs work.

Bounce Rate- Bounce Rate is defined as the number of new visitors that leave instantly after clicking on your website. A key indicator to knowing if your website is of value to the consumer is if your websites bounce rate is low. A lot of factors go into a website such as, bounce rate. Some of these include poor design and if loading times are high. 

Page Views- The amount of page views, also can be called traffic. This shows how many people are viewing your site. The more views you get on your website the better! It shows that your website if significant and valuable to your consumers. Striving for a high page view is a rudimentary goal in digital marketing that Chicago SEO Agencies strive for.

Digital Marketers Chicago

At Digital Marketers Chicago we strive to increase the awareness of your brand by implementing all the factors listed above. Don’t fall lost into Google’s algorithm; let your website reach the masses. Increasing your revenue is easy once you have the traffic, but making people aware of your website is hard. Let us take away the hassle.

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