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  • Our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team will increase your SEO on your website to help you rank higher on popular search engines
  • When you rank higher on search engines (I.E. Page 1 On Google!), customer will see your business as more credible and reliable
  • More traffic will leads to more leads and more revenue
  • The higher your website ranks on Google, the more successful your dental practice well be!


  • We research your industry and learn about the type of clients you would like to attract to your business
  • Create a list of actions that will be implemented to optimize your website
  • We develop a better understanding of your business by researching your industry
  • Our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team will conduct an intense keyword analysis to determine ideal keyword phrases, and then create numerous landing pages for your website to rank highly in the search engines for the targeted keywords and phrases
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What does our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists do?

In the past if you wanted to get your business noticed there would have been several ways of going about it. It could be hearing about it on the radio or the TV. Seeing advertisements in the newspapers or on billboards while driving. Now things have changed. Our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team helps get you found in the primary place people search for things now – on Google.

Our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team will create numerous pages based on the keywords people are using to search for your Dental practice.  We will rank you highly in Google search engine which result in more website traffic, leads and customers for your practice

Benefits to Digital Marketing For Dentists in Chicago

How does our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team use ads?

The first step to understand this guide of Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists are the use of ads and how they have changed over time.

Now that times have changed, let’s review what are some things that you could do:

  • Spotify and Pandora
    • Everyone listens to free music, however there is a catch. By not signing up for premium accounts, these listeners on the apps will likely hear advertisements. Some of these advertisements could be about your business.
  • Instagram, YouTube and Facebook
    • Again, by avoiding the option to pay for a premium package, any time before a video starts, there will be an advertisement. Jump on that opportunity via social media marketing for dentists to have a infomercial about what your business and services can provide.
  • Mail
    • Even though it could be considered spam and it might be ignored, there are people who take the time to go through it to see if there is anything important to read. By crafting a well written email, people will take the time to read what your business provides and just might give it a try.

By allowing other companies or videos to use your information, your business will appear on said websites or videos. When you have your services appearing on other people’s content, it will allow new people to click on those ads delivering you to landing pages. This will lead to new clients. That is why it is important to use our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team to help you seal the deal with prospective customers

Times are continuing to change, it is important to know what is out there to help improve your companies’ services and how people can learn more about your services. By staying at the head of the curve, with the help of our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team, we will make sure you will not get left behind. Being left behind in a rapidly growing era is definitely something you should not be doing.

How do I use Google Analytics?

Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists uses Google Analytics to understand how well a website is doing. In order to build revenue, you need to have a steady flow of patients. How exactly do you know the gender, age, ethnicity of your patients? By using Google Analytics, it will help your company understand all these characteristics of a human being.

Google Analytics allows you to see who has been going onto your website and also seeing the demographics of gender, age, and ethnicity. To understand this, it will help you begin to think what the demographics are of the people that search for your dental practices.  We can then target those demographics with highly targeted landing pages that will encourage those potential clients/patients to visit your website or call for an appointment.

What are Landing Pages?

When clicking on your business ad or any ad, you are taken to a landing page. A landing page is separate from your main website page that answers questions regarding your companies’ content and services. It also helps build traffic so it makes it a good indicator for your company.

When writing a landing page, make sure it is specific and it is different to what other companies have written in the past. This can get potential clients interested in what your company has to offer, and more importantly, ranking your dental practice highly in Google’s search engine.

Our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team are experts at creating content for landing pages. Landing pages will benefit your company by ranking highly for numerous keywords and phrases people are using to search for dental practices like yours. Finding out how many people visit your site in a given day, week, or month will also be incredibly useful once you get started.

Digital Marketing for Dentists Chicago

Why Updating Content Is So Important As Part Of Our Chicago Digital Marketing Services for Dentists

As time goes by, the content and pages that you create, can sometimes drop in the ranking due to newer content being created by other practices for the same topics and keyword phrases you are targeting.

Our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team highly recommends to constantly check and recheck the content that you create and how you are ranking for the targeted keywords and phrases. It is important to stay up to date and ensure your practice continues to remain ranked highly in the search engines for the keywords and phrases you are targeting.

You and your digital marketing team should definitely be aware of these things in order to continue to stay a head of the curve. Just remember that some of this content can be forms of advertisements seen in: emails or heard on Spotify, Pandora, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Once being in contact with our Chicago digital marketing for dentists team, you will have all the tools and help ready to create your advertisements. By covering all of these social media platforms and email this will benefit your company greatly leading to an increased number of traffic and sales.

Pay Per Click and Paid Searches are another type of advertising that helps put your content and services in front of potential clients. By using Google Ad words or Bing Ads, someone could type in “dentist near me” or “wisdom teeth surgery”. Paying for those specific words, that Google/Bing search could lead you to your business. Our Chicago digital marketing for Dentists team are specialists at all types of ads.

Professional Chicago Digital Marketing For Dentists – Digital Marketers Chicago

Increasing your businesses visibility is not an easy thing to do, that is why you should consider working with our Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists team. With years of experience, we will increase its SEO to out rank your competitors! We are trained to develop unique marketing strategies that will best suit your business.

Our Chicago digital marketing for dentists team works extremely hard for you to increase your website traffic, leads and revenue. We make sure out team is up to date with the best digital marketing practices, different content methods, and utilizing new technologies. Not only are we experts at on and off-site optimization, but also personalized strategies to generate more new clients.

Trust our Chicago digital marketing for Dentists team to correctly implement these practices. We have worked with many Dental practices and use a variety of SEO strategies to increase your bottom line. Our team will not let you down! We will transform your business and bring more awareness to it by ranking it highly in the search engines.

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Now you know the basics of SEO using both organic landing pages and paid ads to increase your bottom line. Remember that the main thing is building a steady number of clientele through increase website traffic and online presence so that you will gain more patients and thus, more revenue.

Do you have questions regarding this guide of Chicago Digital Marketing for Dentists? Contact Digital Marketers Chicago to learn more! We will be happy to help build your online presence and marketing strategy. Contact us today at (312) 626-7445 or you may Contact us Here.

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