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As hemp and CBD companies are rapidly growing in today’s market, it is vital that your CBD business stands out. Essentially, a marketing plan is necessary to get your business in front of your target audience locally and online. When the 2018 Farm Bill declassified hemp from a Schedule I drug, the CBD industry took the world by storm.

Even though the industry’s regulations are still being determined, long-term benefits will come from capturing and nurturing your audience now.

Establish Your Brand

Digital Marketers Chicago has more than 2 decades of experience working in heavily-regulated areas. Specifically, we have worked with companies in sectors like healthcare, insurance, real estate, and, now, cannabidiol (CBD).

For companies that manufacture or sell CBD and other hemp products, it’s essential to establish your brand. Building a loyal following through SEO, paid media and other marketing channels is key. It is the only way to stand out among the hundreds of competing CBD companies growing today.

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  • Working with the best CBD digital marketing agency helps people become aware of your brand. More importantly, it helps them develop trust with your company.
  • Great CBD marketing starts with valuable organic content, dependable SEO strategies, engaging websites and gorgeous branding. These are all marketing strategies that our CBD digital marketing agency excels in.
  • Creating content in a CBD focused blog will help successfully market your CBD company without the difficulties of paid acquisition. When your audience has a question, it only makes sense for your business to be there to answer it. Therefore, providing your target audience with relevant, valuable information on your business or product will help them make the best purchasing decision. In turn, this establishes your brand as reliable and helpful.
  • When more people are able to find your business online, it’s more likely that those potential consumers turn into real customers.

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  • Our CBD Digital Marketing Agency first analyzes your business and identifies key areas where you can improve.
  • Next, we highlight the primary keyword phrases to which you should be targeting.
  • Then, we help you create a strategic digital marketing plan to capture growth from all areas online.
  • Finally, we watch and keep track as your revenue, ROI and leads all vastly increase throughout time with our CBD Digital Marketing Agency and our unparalleled services.

How Does Hiring A CBD Digital Marketing Agency Help Grow My Business And Brand?

With the right strategies, business owners can successfully market CBD online. Working with a CBD Digital Marketing Agency is key to achieve this. There are a number of reasons why working with a CBD digital marketing agency is beneficial for growing your business.

To start, CBD products need a significant amount of social proof online to seem trustworthy and to encourage online purchases. One extremely effective way to do this is to partner with influencers who can then speak on behalf of your brand. This will not only reach your specific target accurately but will also help resonate with your brand tone. Working with new platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Snapchat is a valuable way to reach potential consumers. Plus, partnering with influencers is great for creating user-generated content. Also, leveraging influencers is also great for getting product reviews on your website.

Another way to gain social proof online is to market your brand on social media platforms. This is a great way to give your brand a voice and help people find you online. Even more, it is ideal for being able to answer any consumer questions about your brand directly. Ultimately, social media marketing is a key strategy of our CBD Digital Marketing Agency because it helps generate traffic and awareness among all kinds of consumers!

Additionally, another tactic our CBD digital marketing agency uses to help grow your business is through content marketing. Content marketing is a more intensive way of marketing on social media platforms as well as your website. Basically, creating content about your product and service helps give engaging information to your consumers. It also helps your brand establish a loyal following that’s interested in what you have to say about your CBD products. Ultimately, this type of marketing is best done when it is clearly not just trying to sell a product. Rather, when the content actually focuses on entertaining or informing the consumer is when this is most successful. Our CBD digital marketing agency knows the tricks necessary to put your CBD products into your content in a subtle way.

Furthermore, our CBD digital marketing agency also helps manage your paid advertising strategies for your CBD products on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. Through carefully constructed keyword research and campaign design creation, we help your brand successfully run ads online.

Successful CBD Digital Marketing Agency Services

Perhaps the best thing about our CBD Digital Marketing Agency is the vast amount of services we offer. Below are just some of the successful services our CBD Digital Marketing Agency excels in:

  1. Search Engine Optimization — An essential part of any successful website is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps optimize your website so potential consumers can find your business more easily online. Our CBD digital marketing agency knows exactly how to manage websites that are often extremely regulated due to their content. Our process involves assessing your website in its current condition to identify what works and what doesn’t. Also, any professional CBD digital marketing agency knows how to write landing pages that are full of your targeted keyword phrases to land you at the top of search engine results.
  2. Website Design — The legal CBD industry has become extremely competitive within recent years. In order to stand out among competitors, your business needs a website that is both readable by search engines and very user-friendly. Our CBD digital marketing agency is vastly experienced in helping design your website in such a way that is on brand for your business and easy to use.
  3. PR and Affiliate Marketing — Other than fostering immediate product sales, PR and affiliate marketing are great ways to increase your SEO rankings. That is because using backlinks from reputable websites helps increase your reliability in the eyes of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  4. Social Media Marketing — Another convenient way to advertise your CBD company successfully is through social media marketing. Our CBD digital marketing agency helps you create exciting advertisements to then use to attract your target audience. Social media marketing is also great for giving you insight into the demographics and psychographics of your audience as well.

Increase Sales And Generate New Customers With On-Site Optimization And Engaging Content From Our Superior CBD Digital Marketing Agency—Digital Marketers Chicago


If you’re a new company or business looking to grow or establish your CBD-based product company, consider working with our CBD digital marketing agency. We have the experience to help you navigate the specific challenges that come with marketing CBD.

Even more, a professional CBD digital marketing agency like ours will help you build a brand strategy that gets real results. Plus, CBD marketers with real experience navigating the limitations of CBD is an invaluable asset to your business.

For more information about our premier CBD digital marketing agency, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call today! We’d be more than happy to help answer any of your questions.


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