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10 Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand

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Instagram-Marketing-TipsIf you’re one of Instagram’s 800 million monthly users, it’s no secret how strong the social network has grown to become as a marketing platform. With over 25 million registered business accounts, Instagram is the ultimate outlet for building your brand’s online presence. Specifically, the app now has the highest engagement rate compared to other platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. This is a must read for Instagram marketing tips to boost your brand, as Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms today!

Due to the platform’s growing popularity, many businesses have capitalized on the potential opportunities to expand their brand to this new market: Instagram users. If you and your company wish to maximize the social network’s potential for engaging loyal customers and attracting new ones, follow these Instagram Marketing Tips:

1. Switch to a Business Account

When you switch to an Instagram business account, followers will easily be able to get in touch with you through clicking on your profile’s linked contact buttons. Another beneficial feature of making the switch is that Instagram’s Business tools allow users to create and publish sponsored advertisements to specific targeted audiences. Other than this, business accounts have a better chance of being seen on users’ Instagram Explore pages. Finally, creating a business profile on Instagram gives you access to Instagram Insights, the platform’s free analytics tool. In terms of Instagram marketing tips, this one’s essential!


2. Learn About Your Target Audience

Instagram Insights measures the number of profile visitors your account has, and statistics such as impressions and reach for both paid and organic growth on the platform. Using analytics tools help you understand follower demographics such as gender, age, and location.

Insights can also benefit your social media strategy because knowing this information allows you to published tailored content to targeted audiences to generate more community engagement. Usage of Insights is one of the best Instagram marketing tips on this list yet so many people fail to utilize it!

Some of my favorite Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Digital Marketers are:

3. Create an Appropriate, Searchable Profile Name

Your Instagram Profile is the first thing users see when they search for your brand on the social network. That being said, it’s important to begin optimizing your Instagram account by creating a recognizable and appropriate handle (@username). Be sure to make your Username as similar to your business name as possible. That way, when users or customers go to search for your brand, they can easily find your company’s page. This may be obvious in terms of Instagram marketing tips but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it!

4. Constantly Update Your Instagram Profile Picture

It’s essential to change your Instagram profile image to be your company logo. Then, frequently update the image by altering the logo to comply with current campaigns or seasonal trends. Doing so is a great way to keep your page fresh and up-to-date. Creating and updating variations of your logo to be specific to a marketing campaign will certainly motivate users to search for your profile more often than they would have otherwise.

Best-Instagram-Marketing-Tips-20195. Create a Compelling, Informative Bio

Like your Profile Picture, your Instagram bio is one of the very first things a follower sees when they come across your page. When someone lands on your Instagram, it’s important that they immediately understand who you are and what your company does. With a maximum of 150 characters, be sure to identify how following your Instagram profile will benefit others and make a lasting impression by adding some personality and flare.

6. Put a Call to Action in Your Bio Link

Instagram profiles feature a space for a trackable link. Treat the last line in your Instagram bio like your call-to-action button and explain to followers what they are going to get when they click your link. Include a link to your company’s relevant page or website, depending on what content you post. For instance, if you are a clothing retailer and post a picture of a shirt, you might say in the image’s caption, “link in bio!” to direct consumers to view and purchase the shirt.

7. Be Strategic With Your Posts’ Captions

Interesting, exciting images may be Instagram’s main focus, but creating compelling captions will spark instant growth, getting you more post likes and comments. Posts with lots of likes and comments will have a greater chance of appearing at the top of users’ news feeds, due to Instagram’s algorithms. When a photo receives a lot of likes and reposts or comments, Instagram will perceive this to mean the image would be appealing to other users, as well, and most likely put it higher up on people’s’ feeds. With enough engagement, your post could even end up on the Explore page!

  • One of the most obvious ways to get more engagement on your posts is to use your caption to ask followers a question. Asking people what they are doing this weekend, who their best friend is, or what they think of a celebrity’s new hairstyle will undoubtedly promote community engagement, and get you tons of new followers.  
  • If your post features another Instagram user or company, be sure to mention them by tagging their account. you’ll likely compel that user—and possibly some of his followers—to also engage with your content.
  • Including a call-to-action in your Instagram posts is essential in terms of Instagram marketing tips. Whether its asking followers to click the link in your bio (to your company website, hopefully), purchase a product, tag a friend, use your branded hashtag, or answer what their favorite color is, you will be driving further engagement.

Instagram-Tips-On-Hashtags-Digital-Marketers-Chicago8. Use Brand or Campaign Specific Hashtags

Coming up with a company hashtag is basically free advertising to widen discoverability.

  • Customers and employees will easily be able to find your brand by searching for your tag and will be able to search through all content relating to your brand.
  • Users can also tag their user-generated content with your hashtag, allowing you to find more relevant content that you may want to consider reposting on your page to foster community interaction.
  • Each time a user posts an image using your hashtag, they are further exposing more people to your brand.

If your company has a popular slogan or tagline, consider using this as your hashtag. It’s also important to create an interactive, branded hashtag relevant to your marketing campaign to create immediate engagement. Picking your hashtags thoughtfully and purposefully is so important in terms of Instagram marketing tips!

9. Post High-Quality Content

One of the most important Instagram marketing tips on this list is to create compelling captions and hashtags – but only comes after users are attracted to your post. The first thing people look at on Instagram is the photo or video being posted, especially since the caption is posted below. That being said, it’s vital you post company-relevant, interesting, and engaging photos and videos.

Sharing professional photos of your products or company will grab the attention of followers. Showing off your brand’s aesthetics while also showcasing your products adds variety, and is a less hands-on way to get people to buy your items. Be sure to post tons of images not only promoting products but also your brand’s culture, like designs or scenery. Use Instagram to:

  • Promote company events
  • Share company or brand news
  • Engage with audience by reposting followers’ photos featuring your branded hashtag or tagging your company
  • Feature products or services
  • Build a community by sharing relevant, compelling images and videos

10. Create Content in Advance

When it comes to Instagram marketing tips, consistency is key. While it might seem obvious, brands that post more often will receive more engagement. However, it’s important to regularly remain in followers’ feeds without overwhelming your audience. If users feel they only see your brand’s promotions while scrolling through their feeds, they’ll most likely end up unfollowing your account. Unfortunately, there is not some special formula for when and how often to post on Instagram for every brand. It’s important to see how your audience best responds to your posts.

Luckily, apps like Union Metrics determine when the best time is for your specific brand to post. Knowing when your content receives the most engagement will help you improve your marketing strategy to posting. Posting during peak days and hours when followers are most online will help your posts gain more engagement. Consider looking up the best times to post on Instagram.

Posting consistently is essential in terms of Instagram marketing tips to make sure you stay relevant in followers’ feeds and minds. But not everyone has the time every day to make this happen. Therefore, consider using social media calendar tools to schedule your content in advance.  

Last of Our Instagram Marketing Tips: Cross Promote Content Across Social Media Platforms

So, now you’ve taken significant time to create, post, and manage your Instagram posts. If you’ve followed these Instagram marketing tips, you company’s Instagram account has most likely received significant engagement, increased growth, more likes, followers, and comments. Why not spread the love?

Be sure to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page, and directly share posts to Facebook at the same time you do on Instagram. Also, platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are great places to share Instagram posts and Instagram marketing tips such as these to help boost your brand.

We hope these Instagram marketing tips helps you thrive on Instagram! Want to learn more?  Visit our Instagram Marketing Company page or feel free to Contact Us Here!