Best SEO Tools in 2020

By November 9, 2019SEO

Best SEO Tools In 2020What are the Best SEO Tools In 2020?

The year is going by fast, make sure to learn about the Best SEO Tools in 2020.

  • Yoast SEO
  • SEM Rush
  • Adobe Premiere (for videos)
  • Alexa (
  • SpyFU

Best SEO Tools 2020 Yoast SEOWhat is Yoast SEO? – Best SEO Tools In 2020

One of the Best SEO Tools in 2020 is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress and it is a useful tool for either blogs or a professional site making both search friendly as possible. When using Yoast SEO there are multiple features a user has to go through before publishing their content.

Such features are: the primary keywords or keyword phrases, keyword density, meta title, meta description, links and having a good amount of words within your post. Before writing anything on your blog post or professional website, come up with a keyword or a keyword phrase that you want to use throughout the post.

A keyword or keyword phrase are focus words that someone on the internet would look up. For example, if you are writing “Best Sports Store in Chicago”, generally you would want your keyword or keyword phrase to be something like that. That way, when someone looks up those your words, your page, depending how you wrote it, will come up on page one on Google.

Keyword density is something you should look out for if you want your post to be on the first page of Google.  The recommended amount regarding density is around 1.3% to 1.6%. Any more than those percentages and you might have to either add more words to the post or delete some of the keywords.

Another feature that is useful when using Yoast SEO is that the website will tell you what you are doing well at, what needs improvement on and what could use some changes. The Best SEO Tools in 2020 is here for you! Use them to help your own content to rank well.

Best SEO Tools 2020 SEM RushWhat is SEM Rush?

The second tool on the Best SEO Tools in 2020 is SEM Rush. SEM Rush is a tool that helps blogs or companies find profitable keywords. SEM Rush also helps check rankings and back links. In order for your site to do well, it all depends on the amount of profit and traffic said site is bringing in at the end of each day.

Something to look out for when using SEM Rush is keyword research. This is important to know because it will help your site with search traffic.

When using SEM Rush, as a user you can see the average number of searches for each keyword or keyword phrase. This can help your blog or professional website by seeing what works and what does not work for better content ranking.

By using the Best SEO Tools in 2019, such as SEM Rush, you can look at your competitor’s website and see what keywords or keyword phrases they use. So that way, you can get a better understanding on how your site can do better than theirs.

You can also look up to see your past and current rankings when using SEM Rush. It is helpful to know whether or not you are improving or not and will help you get a better understanding for using new keyword or keyword phrases. Always be on the lookout to see what you can do to improve your site, by doing that your traffic will improve as each day passes.

Adobe Premiere SEO Tool 2020Adobe Premiere

The third tool for the Best SEO Tools in 2020 is Adobe Premiere. Anytime you upload video content on your site, YouTube or LinkedIn, you should definitely be using Adobe Premiere.

When you finish recording a video, the next step is to edit the footage into a clear and concise little segment talking about whatever it is you want to say. It says a lot to viewers when you save money and learn to edit things on your own. It not only adds a personal touch, but makes it more professional.

Generally, since people are always in a hurry and wanting to look at something else, keep the video short with interesting details and an interesting introduction that will grab the viewers’ attention until the video is over, making them wanting to watch more.

It is important to have videos that include graphics, you want to make something that is not boring and dull. Before and during video production, think about what exactly you could do that would make this video stand out from others and have more viewers keep coming back for more.

On the topic of saving money, before deciding on hiring a graphic designer for your video, there are multiple features on Adobe Premiere that have graphics on it. Use the Best SEO Tools in 2020 if you want to have your video rank well on Google. Applying good keywords can be useful so that it can show up on the first page.

Alexa SEO Tool 2020Alexa (

The fourth tool for the Best SEO Tools in 2020 is Alexa. Alexa, not to be confused with Amazon’s device Alexa, is used as data analysis for websites. By using Alexa, it will help with your blogs effectiveness and look into what your competitors are doing.

Alexa Rank will tell you where exactly your blog or site ranks among the many other sites on the internet. If your blog has a high rank count, that means there are other blogs or sites that are better in regards to where they rank. It is important to get a high rank count, so that more people are looking at your content instead of other peoples.

Alexa can also tell you where exactly your viewers are looking at your content across the world. It is important to understand why this is impacting your audience and how you can keep writing to build off better content so that you can keep getting a good ranking.

Alexa also has bounce rate, a feature where it tells you how many people are coming and going from your website. Alexa will also tell you how many people come onto your site and how many page views you get each day. Again, it is all about improving your ranking and content so that you can gain more traffic. Make sure you pay attention to keyword or keyword phrases because that is also another feature to help you with content ranking.

SpyFU SEO Tool 2020What is SpyFU

The fifth and final tool for the Best SEO Tools in 2020 is SpyFU. SpyFU shows the keywords that Google Ad words purchase so that they show up in your search and appear on the first page of Google. SpyFU also grants cost per click and also determines what websites are using Google Ad to purchase certain keywords.

SpyFU can help get a head start and compete with your competitors to see what keywords they use. Seeing what keywords, they use can help you get a better understanding on how you can get your content rank well.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the Best SEO Tools in 2020, they all can help you with getting your content to rank on the first page of Google. Contact Digital Marketers Chicago Here if you have any questions to learn more.